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Did You Know Journalism is the latest "Hot" Course at BCHS?

Mr. Jason Reel, former History teacher at Bledsoe County High School, is now teaching Journalism, or let's rephrase that, Mr. Reel is teaching and learning Journalism simultaneously with his students because the technology involved with Journalism is changing at breakneck speed. Mr. Reel has been teaching the new Journalism course now for 2 years and it is multiplying in students and skills. Since Technology and Journalism go hand in hand, this class is using many forms of technology to present the news of Bledsoe County in several different methods. From writing stories, recording games and programs, creating movies and commercials, filming slicing and dicing, creating Channel 18 material, working with green screen technology, are just a few of the new forms of learning Mr. Reel is bringing into the Journalism classroom. We will soon share some of these creations below, with their permission, of course.



2017-2018 TN GOALS

"Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that sets sail with no destination." 
Fitzhugh Dodson

As we progress through another school year, our goals are clear, and we seek your assistance as we strive to meet these goals. Our students are smart! They have the ability to progress at a much faster rate than we have experienced in the past. As parents and community members, you can assist with these goals by supporting all students, physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this fast paced society, children still need guidance and direction from their parents and grandparents. Teaching them to have belief in themselves, encourage them to reach for the sky, and continually reinforce how determination will guide their destiny in life. Yes, children will make mistakes, we all do. But their mistakes do not need to change their destiny in life. Guide them, teach them, but mostly, LOVE THEM. If they are surrounded in love, they will have the strength and courage to be anything their heart desires!

**SPECIAL NOTE** The Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act requires public and private entities that are recipients of federal financial assistance to ensure effective communication with people who are deaf / hard of hearing, non-English speaking, or in need of other accommodations, or assistance. 

What's Happening

TCAT Day 2018 in Crossville. WES Balloon Release honoring Ms. Wanda

CTE Students attend TCAT Day 2018 in Crossville          WES Balloon Release honoring Ms. Wanda Haston

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
   TN Ready State Testing
   Apr 16 2018
   TCAP Testing
   Apr 23 2018
   Prom at The Car Barn
   Apr 28 2018 at 06:00 PM
   Election Day
   May 01 2018
   Admin. Day #3
   May 01 2018

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