Family Resource Center

Welcome to Bledsoe County Schools, Family Resource Center!

Our goal is to be the connecting link between schools, families, and community resources. We can help provide information about community resources, such as food pantries, clothes closets, or other necessary services. We will assist in locating school supplies, emergency clothing, a family doctor, or other resources for students.  If there is a problem that could prevent a student from learning, we will work as quickly as possible to find a solution.

We also work with school counselors and Coordinated School Health to provide hygiene classes, anti-bullying sessions, and school-wide programs that build character skills and train students in Online Safety.

If you identify a need with a student, family, classroom, or school, please contact us. We are here to help. 

To contact the FRC Staff, text, call, or email. 

CELL (423) 827-4193

Karen Nunley, FRC Site Coordinator
Barbara Young, FRC Director


We are very excited to be working along with Avalon Centers Maria Suaraz to conduct anti bullying classes in our schools.  October is anti bullying month.  If you have any problems with bullying we do have an anti bully hotline 423-402-1837.  If you will leave a message we will get back to you as soon as possible. Bullying is never accepted in our schools and neither is cyberbullying.  FRC will also be conducting hygiene classes.  These classes are very age appropriate and we never discuss personal topics with the children.  We do cover basic hygiene and cleanliness.