Welcome to Bledsoe County Schools

Bledsoe County Schools are pleased to announce our 2019-2020 School Principals. 

Bledsoe County High School - Mr. Mark Mosley
Bledsoe County Middle School - Dr. Lance Myhan
Pikeville Elementary - Mr. James Ellis
Mary V Wheeler - Mrs. Candi Kempton
Rigsby Elementary - Mr. Chris Cagle


Dr. Lance Myhan
New BCMS Principal

Dr. Lance Myhan will be the new principal of Bledsoe County Middle School.  Since 2000 Dr. Myhan has served as an educator with Hamilton County Schools. He started his career as a classroom teacher at Brainerd High School where he supported school reform with Johns Hopkins University to implement the Talent Development Model.  He also started athletic programs to provide more activities to engage students in school and be involved creating community partnerships.  For almost 20 years Dr. Myhan served the students of Hamilton County and engaged teachers in professional development to support student achievement. He gained leadership skills through various roles which created opportunities for growth, collaboration, and learning.

Dr. Myhan earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and graduate degrees’ from Lincoln Memorial University.  In 2011 he earned a Doctorate of Education in Executive Leadership.  He and his wife, Amy, have been married 17 years and have three children, Lillie, Ava, and Luke.  Dr. Myhan is excited to join the Warrior Family and looks forward to connecting with the students, parents, staff, and community of Bledsoe County.
CONGRATULATIONS to new 5th District School Board Member,
Carolyn Oakes!

New 5th District School Board Member, Carolyn Terry


Warriors & Friday Night Lights

As we prepare to hit the field

The band plays and the flag waves

Fans gather along our sideline

Making a path for us to run

Smell of popcorn fills the air

Young children play along the gate

Our stomachs are in our chest

Can’t breathe as easy as before

As cheerleaders hang the banner

We break through with all our might

The team gets it up…1, 2, 3, Warriors

There’s no other place to be on this Friday night

Than to be sittin’ here under these lights!

Go Warriors emblemGo Warriors emblemLet's Go Warriors emblemWarriors ground

What's Happening

Image result for bledsoe school bus Telemed is coming to school
  Bledsoe to get 5 new buses!                   Telemed Comes to School

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Upcoming Events
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